Sunday, 4 July 2010


Its Finally Here! The website for Jack and Laura's up-coming Ghost Series!

Want to know Jack & Laura's progress? Want to know what they're doing in the paranormal world? Want all the news and updates? Well, this is the place!

A Series which is not edited and not fake! A series which 100% true paranormal.

Laura and Jack are 15 and working on their first ghost series to be up later this year or early 2011. So far, Jack & Laura have filmed Episode 1, and are currently filming Episode 2! Laura & Jack hope that this series will get them noticed, along with paranormal books they are working on!

A message from Jack: Hello! And thank you for coming onto this website! We've been working hard on our series, promoting it on Twitter, finding and filming at different locations, planning books and websites - and our current GCSE's. We've had some frights and thrills while filming - but its all worth it! Please help support us by promoting this website, and following us on Twitter...

A message from Laura: Filming for series 1 is happening at the moment, and it's going really well, and we've also been busy planning our first book - more on that in later posts. Thank you for visiting this site!

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