Jack and Laura are working hard this year to make their ghost series more succesful than it was last year. They are working on much more than just Series 1.

Series 2 - Series 1 is over, and now series 2 can begin!

Halloween film 2012 - A film Jack and Laura were going to film this Halloween, has now been re-thought, ready for Halloween 2012. Two ghost hunters investigate the scene of gruesome murders, but it's not ghosts they need to fear. The murderer is back, and guess who his next victims are?

Jack and Laura Ghost Series: One Book One - Jack and Laura are currently writing their book to go with their first series. The book is all about their experiences on and off camera while filming Series 1.

Jack and Laura: Ghost Stories - Jack and Laura are writing ghost stories to be released as a book.

Jack and Laura: Series 1 [DVD] - They've already put the episodes together ready to put Series 1 on a DVD!

Haunted Magazine - Jack and Laura have enjoyed writing a few successful features for this fun magazine.

Jack and Laura Ghost Series: The Magazine - After writing successful features for HAUNTED, Jack and Laura have now made their own online free magazine.