Saturday, 31 July 2010

Episode 1 coming very soon! + Epsiode 2 filming

Hello guys!

Episode 1 is now done, finished, ready! :D We can't wait to finally upload it!
This week, Episode 2 filming starts, at Newbridge Memo :D


Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bloon Pops And Toy Turns On

So, if you've been reading our tweets lately, I - Jack - tweeted about two ghostly experiences at my sisters house, both in the same room.

The first night I was downstairs in the night alone watching TV, and the toy behind me, which was in the corner, turned on. It wasn't pressed against anything, and to hear the sound I heard, a thing on the toy needs to be turned. Nothing pushing that could have done that.

Then, in the day, I was sat one end of the room, and my nephew and sister were sat on the other end, the tent was in the middle facing the TV with no one in. There was a massive bang, and the bloon had popped...We looked at the remains of it, and it looked like it had been ripped from the bottom.

If thats not paranormal, I dont know what is...


Next Editing Day

Hey guys...

Just to update you on our next editing day, for Episode 1.

We've edited part 1 & 2 and tomorrow we are editing the final part - Part 3

The episode and series is coming along great! We really can't wait to launch it!

Thank you

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Episode 1 nearly here, + New ideas

Hi guys, it's Laura here :)

Editing of Episode 1 is almost finished, we've already done Part 2, it's short- (it's in 3 parts) So Episode 1 is nearly done! XD
As I'm getting a camera for my birthday, I thought it would be great if we could both split up too film, but I think it will be scary too haha.
I can't wait till Episode 1 is released! I hope we get good feedback and good comments, maybe you'll notice something that we haven't?


Hey guys! Jack here!

So I thought I would update you on a photo shoot me and Laura have planned for the ghost series - we really need to do a photoshoot! Our blog, youtube and twitter needs to be spiced up!

We're going to be doing the photoshoot in the place where Episode 1 was shot! We'll be taking our photoshoot in trees and around tree's, and looking very mystical and spooky.

I've had the idea - as I typed this update - that we would use one photo to promote Episode 1, and then take more photos outside every location we go to, all to help promote the Episode's and series.

I can't wait to post these photos on our blog and Twitter and youtube! - We will probably be making a picture video to put onto our youtube to help promote Episode 1 before we upload the final edit (which is coming along great)!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Part 2

Hey, guys!

So, today we edited Part 2 of Episode 1, which means Episode 1 will be up very soon on this channel and our youtube!

Part 2 was quite shorter than we thought, and was mainly just us walking around, but we have picked up alot of whispering/humming/shouting and we think we've seen another ghost, this time a arm!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Newbridge Memo

Hey :)

We sooo can't wait to start Episode 2, at Newbridge Memo . We just need to arrange times, first.
I'm excited :D
It has a cinema, theatre, dance floor, etc. There's apparently the ghost of a woman in 1940's clothing, and a poltergeist who moves glasses around in the bar.
So yeah, can't wait XD


Thursday, 15 July 2010


Hey guys, Laura has already told you that our Summer is going to be a very busy summer.

We are going to be filming Episode 2 in the New Bridge Memo, and maybe start Episode 3 in Tredegar House.

We will also be camping outside and filming some blogs, leaving the camera to run at night, etc.

We are writing our first book, Jack and Laura: Book 1 Series 1
And we are planning a photoshoot for the series

We will also be busy editing and updating you on Twitter and our website

Im really enjoying this, and theres alot ahead for me and Laura! So happy for everyones support so far.


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Busy bees

Hey XD

It's gonna be a busy summer holidays for us! :)

We've started writing our book! And we've started editing Episode 1; Part 1 editing is done. Watch the Opening Credits for Episode 1! ( as a little sneak peek) on our website, and on our Youtube.

Episode 2 will be filmed very soon, during the summer. Newbridge Memo Hall, we look forward to it!


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Episode 1 Update

Very good news!

I now know how to put the episode 1 clips from the camera onto Movie Maker, so editing for episode 1 will begin very soon! :D


Friday, 9 July 2010

Things are looking up!

Great news that Tredegar House is letting us film there! :D

That's for episode 3, we've been emailing loads of places, and losing locations, so we're so happy that Tredegar House have emailed back saying that we can film :)

Can't wait!


Tredegar House

Episode 3 has been replaced!

After loosing St Fagans & Llancaiach & Castell Coch, we were lost for replacements..

But thankfully, Tredegar House has let us film - without paying anything!! :)

So, Episode 1 & 3 & 6, are all secure :)


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Episode 1 Teaser

Episode 1 was filmed in a place where they hung and burnt people for crimes they may or may not have done, and for being witches....

We found this in a place which is away from all public pathways, where we went was actual woods, with small cliffs and a river running through. It was a very quiet place...

What do you think?

Laura's experience at the Brecon Beacons

Hey, just thought I'd mention about what I THOUGHT I saw today
I was on a school Geography trip today, at the Brecon Beacons. We were walking past the woods, and I was thinking to myself Hmmm these woods look creepy, I can imagine me and Jack filming here. And at that point I saw ( only for about a second) a figure wearing some sort of long blue coat or cloak, by a tree.
So there you go :) Maybe I was imagining things, but I just wanted to share it XD

Real Or Fake - Nothing to do with us

Check out this great MSN Video: The Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught on Tape

Are these real?
Are these fake?

I found this interesting...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Episode 2 Drama

Okay, so, I would just like to update you on Episode 2...

Sadly, we are not allowed to upload any film that we have got from our second location, due to 'copyright' issues.

We have been told that we would of had to have signed a few forms and got permission, and to us its all a bit too much work.

So we have deleted the footage we had, and we are now looking for a replacement for Episode 2. If we can't find this replacement, we will have to move ep 3 to ep 2 and we will try and find a new location to add on as another episode.

We respect what the people have said to us.
We wont be filming there again as part of any episode or any blogs.
More news later...

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Episode 2

Hello :)

I'm just going to talk about Episode 2, which we are in the middle of filming, again, it'll be in more than 1 part. We have filmed part 1, which went very well. :)
We had some scares (real and fake), and it's a very interesting location, I thought it was quite eerie in a way. We're very happy that it was quite quiet, so we were able to film without fuss.
So, we'll put information about Episode 2 ( including the history of the location) in our book :)


Our Book and Episode 1


I'd just like to talk to you about the book that me and Laura are writing and working together to get published.

Its going to be called Jack & Laura: Book 1 - Series 1

It will be about our whole first series, including what we've heard and seen when the camera wasn't filming - kind of like a inside view.

Episode 1 went well. It was filmed in three parts, and the place that we went to had a interesting history. More about the location and history later!

- Jack


Its Finally Here! The website for Jack and Laura's up-coming Ghost Series!

Want to know Jack & Laura's progress? Want to know what they're doing in the paranormal world? Want all the news and updates? Well, this is the place!

A Series which is not edited and not fake! A series which 100% true paranormal.

Laura and Jack are 15 and working on their first ghost series to be up later this year or early 2011. So far, Jack & Laura have filmed Episode 1, and are currently filming Episode 2! Laura & Jack hope that this series will get them noticed, along with paranormal books they are working on!

A message from Jack: Hello! And thank you for coming onto this website! We've been working hard on our series, promoting it on Twitter, finding and filming at different locations, planning books and websites - and our current GCSE's. We've had some frights and thrills while filming - but its all worth it! Please help support us by promoting this website, and following us on Twitter...

A message from Laura: Filming for series 1 is happening at the moment, and it's going really well, and we've also been busy planning our first book - more on that in later posts. Thank you for visiting this site!