Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bloon Pops And Toy Turns On

So, if you've been reading our tweets lately, I - Jack - tweeted about two ghostly experiences at my sisters house, both in the same room.

The first night I was downstairs in the night alone watching TV, and the toy behind me, which was in the corner, turned on. It wasn't pressed against anything, and to hear the sound I heard, a thing on the toy needs to be turned. Nothing pushing that could have done that.

Then, in the day, I was sat one end of the room, and my nephew and sister were sat on the other end, the tent was in the middle facing the TV with no one in. There was a massive bang, and the bloon had popped...We looked at the remains of it, and it looked like it had been ripped from the bottom.

If thats not paranormal, I dont know what is...


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