Want to know all the episodes Jack and Laura are working on for Series 1? Look no further! Here they all here, in order of the episode!

Episode 1 - Churchwood - The woods were used as a place where people who were accused of being witches were burnt and hung. In this episode, Jack and Laura hear ghostly screams, see a ghostly figure and comunicate with a hung witch?

Episode 2 - Newbridge Memorial Hall - The memo was used as a dance hall during WW2, and it's no wonder there are lots of stories of ghosts there. A woman in WW2 clothing has been seen walking the stairs, while a boy with a ball has been seen wandering the building. Also, poltergeist acivity has been witnessed in the bar. Jack and Laura pick up a lot here - even the boy with the ball!

Episode 3 - Tredegar House: Grounds & Woods - Tredegar House is steeped in history. It was owned by the Morgan family. A member of the family has been seen wandering the grounds and house after comitting suicide in London. Jack and Laura explore the woods and see a ghostly figure walking through the trees.

Episode 4 - The Skirrid Inn - The Skirrid Inn has been around for 900 years. It was built in 1110, and used a place to hang criminals. 182 people lost their lives there - it's no wonder that many still remain. Jack and Laura visit the inn with a team on the 5/11/10 with 11 people - a coincidence maybe? - They even use ouijia boards, crystals and dowsing rods with some very interesting results and a very scary photo.

Episode 5 - Tintern Abbey - Tintern Abbey is just a ruin now, but many monks still remain. Jack and Laura experience stone throwing, a confusing communication and some noises.

Episode 6 - Pontypool Park - Pontypool Park doesn't seem like a place that could be haunted, being such a beautiful place. But with so much history, it's no wonder ghostly tales have emerged over the years. Jack and Laura come across someone that was well respected in the parks history. They also experience some things that has frightened them more than anything else has in the series. An episode not to be missed!

Episode 7 - Caldicot Castle - Jack and Laura film the last episode of the series and are not disappointed. Ghostly cries and unexplained phenomena is heard. An episode that ends the series with a bang.