Episode 1 at Churchwood
Jack and Laura investigate their first ever location. A place where people were burnt and hung for being accused of witchcraft. Do they come across anything spooky? 

Episode 2 at Newbridge Memorial Hall
Newbridge Memorial Hall was used as a dance hall in World War 2. A ghost of a woman in WW2 clothing has been seen, along with the spirit of a boy with a ball. Will Jack and Laura come across these regular apparitions? 

Episode 3 at Tredegar House
Jack and Laura experience one of their favourite locations yet. They investigate the grounds and woods of the grand Tredegar House, in the hopes they can come across Gwyneth Erica Morgan, a regular seen apparition at the house. 

Episode 4 at The Skirrid Inn 
Jack and Laura investigate the oldest inn in South Wales, The Skirrid Inn. Steeped in history from 1110, Jack and Laura get a lot of activity here. An episode not to be missed! 

*NOTE: Part 4 of The Skirrid Inn has been taken offline, we will try our best to bring it back online.

Episode 5 at Tintern Abbey
Jack and Laura investigate an old ruin called Tintern Abbey, a place where monk ghosts are seen. Throwing stones and ghostly noises follow Jack and Laura in this episode. 

Episode 6 - Pontypool Park
Jack and Laura go in search of The Hanbury Family and what ever else is said to roam the grounds of Pontypool Park. The investigation proves very interesting, and could well be their most 'scariest episode yet'....

Episode 7 - Caldicot Castle
Jack and Laura investigate their first castle, and are not disappointed. A place full of history, the castle gives Jack and Laura what they wanted for the end of their series. Listen for some audible sounds and watch for skeletons.