Saturday, 21 August 2010

Hampton Court Palace- Laura's Visit

Hello guyyyys :)

I went to Hampton Court for my birthday on Wednesday, I loved it XD I would love to go back there, for a Ghost tour, or just another visit :D

I knew how haunted it was, ( one of the most haunted places in Britain). Haunted by 2 of Henry VIII's wives. In the Haunted Gallery, I heard the screaming of Katherine Howard which is heard so many times, and I've got lots of good orb pictures, which I'll post on here soon :D

So yeah, I love the Tudors, and I love Ghosts, so a perfect place! Haha

Skirrid Inn tomorrow!, Will the ghosts join us for dinner? :-) Mwuhahaha


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

This Weekend

This weekend is going to be amazingly great! :)

On thursday, we are getting walkie talkies, to use when we split up in our locations, which we are doing for part 2 & 3 of Episode 3!

On friday, we are going back to Tredegar house, to film Part 2&3, we will be splitting up and we really can't wait!

On saturday, we may be having a sleepover :) If we do, we will probably film a blog over night or something..

On sunday, we are going to The Skirrid Inn, for a sunday lunch...
People having sunday lunch have been disturbed by plates falling and being thrown onto the floor...
We're also going to take a look around, and ask if we can film their for Episode 4!

- Jack

JackLauraGhostSeries- S1Ep1P2

Episode 1, Part 2 - Hope you enjoy!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Episode 3- Tredegar House

Heyyyy guys, it's Laura :D

We've filmed Part 1 at Tredegar House, we only filmed in the grounds, for now
We joined the guided tour, and we experienced a few things in a few of the rooms: Knocking, bangs, groans, cold spots, footsteps, all is explained in Part 1; So we can't wait to go back there :D
We're going there for Halloween too! :D
Ooh and btw, Happy Friday 13th :)


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Thoughts on Episode 2 + What's coming up

Helloooo guys, it's Laura!

Episode 1 Part 1 is uploaded to Youtube and on here! People seem to be liking it! :D
Part 2 will be uploaded next week, and then Part 3 the week after.
We've finished Episode 2- and we're already starting Episode 3 this week!
AND there's our camping night outside!
We loved filming Episode 2, it was just....perfect. When I mean perfect, a perfect place to go Ghost Hunting. :) You can probably see how scary it is if you've watched the Opening Credits! We will definately be returning here to film! We can't wait for you to see the footage we have on camera!...
We can't wait to start Episode 3, we're very excited about going to the location.
So yes, busy week, and I love it! :D

Monday, 9 August 2010

Episode 3

Hey. Jack again!

So, guess what!? We've finished editing & filming Episode 2, we're uploading Part 2 and 3 of Episode 1, and we're planning our first Mini Series/Blog when we go camping...

So, whats next?

Well, of course the book editing, some photoshoots, and also...

Episode 3!
Yep, Episode 3 is about to take place, and we can't wait! In Part 2, we will be splitting up, as Laura will have gotten her own hand held camera.

We can't wait for this! Part 1 starts this week!


We can't wait for our little camping trip outside.

We've decided to keep the camera running all night, and then at some parts, one of us will go out with a hand held camera to film what its like away from the tent.

The camping trip will then be edited, and put onto our youtube and website as our first Mini Series/Blog.

- Jack

Episode 2 Is Done!

Hey Guys! Its Jack!

We've just uploaded Episode 1, Part 1, and we're getting ready to upload Episode 1, Part 2 & Episode 1, Part 3.

We've also just uploaded the Opening Credits to Episode 2 - which we have finished editing!

We've got a lot on this Episode, and we can't wait for you to see the scary location we were in!

JackLauraGhostSeries- S1Ep1Part1- Woods

Here it is! Episode 1- Part 1- In the woods!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Episode 2 Opening Credits

Hey Guys! Heres the opening credits to Episode 2 - Newbridge Memorial Hall!

We've just finished Episode 2, and the editing is done!

Episode 1 Part 1 is on its way shortly!

Hope you enjoy this opening credits!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Book Photo

This is the first photo to be used in our first book! What do you think?

Episode 2

We've just gotten back from filming Episode 2, and I can tell you it was much scarier than expected.

First of all we went in, and we felt fine, we were shown around and we were a little nervous but fine.

Then we were left alone, and we started to get just a little bit scared.

We were too nervous to go deeper into the memo, as we were afraid we'd hear something and it would take us ages to get out.

First of all, we heard the footstep or a ball being dropped just outside where we were sat talking.
Laura opened the door and asked if any one was there, but nothing responded. Instead, we felt a blast of cold air hit us both, and Laura felt it touching her arm.
Then we looked in, and the door was shut, we came out and planned where to film, and we looked back and saw that the door was open.
As Jack was walking up the stairs, filming something for the Episode, Laura saw a black figure walk into the bar down stairs.
We walked into the Bar, and saw nothing, but as we were stood by the door, we heard a man groan from upstairs, then we heard a cat closer to us.
We were stood by the ladies toilets, and heard a knock on the door, we ran out.
Laura went back in to ask if anyone was there, to knock again if they could, and then we heard the door start to open, or a swish of a coat.

Jack is nervous to be going back there, and to be going into the actual Auditorium.
Laura is nervous, too, but also more eager.

We haven't even finished Part 1...

Camping trip and tent

We have arranged a camping night in Jack's garden, we will be filming blogs that night, and seperating in the garden to film what we see and hear.

The garden is very creepy, and leads on to where Episode 1 was filmed...

Will we hear screams? Will we hear the slight sound of the people who were hung?

Only that night will tell....

Episode 1 uploaded after Episode 2 is filmed

We have both decided that Episode 1 Part 1 will be uploaded after Episode 2, Part 2 is filmed.

We'll keep the first episode on for a bit, to get the views and comments, before we upload Episode 2 - which I must say will be better and scarier than Episode 1.

New location?

So you all know how hard we've been trying to find new locations, and how many we've lost.

But we think we've found a new one, and hope they let us film there!

Caldicot Castle will hopefully be a new location.

There are quite a few ghosts there, and so we really hope they dont drop out on us.

Series 1 going to DVD


We've both decided that Series 1 will be going to a DVD, but wont be sold in shops.

We are getting it on DVD ourselves, all by WMM, and really hopes it works out.

Theres a lot coming regarding us and The Ghost Series.

Laura getting a camera

Hey :)

You already know I'm getting a camera for my birthday, to use for the ghost series. It will be easier, cause then we'll obviously have more footage, and we can split up on each location.

We both get more footage seperately, and more footage from each others point of view.

From Laura

Rhymney House Hotel Location


Now its been awhile since we lost this location, but we thought it was best to post on our website, too..

We tried getting into the Rhymney House Hotel, but were turned away almost immediately.

They told us they were 'too busy' to let us film there.

So we have lost yet another location, and have a opening space left for a Episode.