Monday, 2 August 2010

Episode 2

We've just gotten back from filming Episode 2, and I can tell you it was much scarier than expected.

First of all we went in, and we felt fine, we were shown around and we were a little nervous but fine.

Then we were left alone, and we started to get just a little bit scared.

We were too nervous to go deeper into the memo, as we were afraid we'd hear something and it would take us ages to get out.

First of all, we heard the footstep or a ball being dropped just outside where we were sat talking.
Laura opened the door and asked if any one was there, but nothing responded. Instead, we felt a blast of cold air hit us both, and Laura felt it touching her arm.
Then we looked in, and the door was shut, we came out and planned where to film, and we looked back and saw that the door was open.
As Jack was walking up the stairs, filming something for the Episode, Laura saw a black figure walk into the bar down stairs.
We walked into the Bar, and saw nothing, but as we were stood by the door, we heard a man groan from upstairs, then we heard a cat closer to us.
We were stood by the ladies toilets, and heard a knock on the door, we ran out.
Laura went back in to ask if anyone was there, to knock again if they could, and then we heard the door start to open, or a swish of a coat.

Jack is nervous to be going back there, and to be going into the actual Auditorium.
Laura is nervous, too, but also more eager.

We haven't even finished Part 1...

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