Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Hey guys! Jack here!

So I thought I would update you on a photo shoot me and Laura have planned for the ghost series - we really need to do a photoshoot! Our blog, youtube and twitter needs to be spiced up!

We're going to be doing the photoshoot in the place where Episode 1 was shot! We'll be taking our photoshoot in trees and around tree's, and looking very mystical and spooky.

I've had the idea - as I typed this update - that we would use one photo to promote Episode 1, and then take more photos outside every location we go to, all to help promote the Episode's and series.

I can't wait to post these photos on our blog and Twitter and youtube! - We will probably be making a picture video to put onto our youtube to help promote Episode 1 before we upload the final edit (which is coming along great)!

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