Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year! 2011 for us..

Hello all!

Well, 2011 has been an amazing year for us in so many different ways. When we started our series, we never expected half of the stuff to actually happen for us - it was all just something we dreamed would happen. It's been pretty exciting, unbelievable and we have been extremely lucky and privileged. 

We'd like to start by saying thank you. Thank you to anyone who has watched any of our episodes this year. Thank you to anyone who has picked up HAUNTED magazine and read our features. Thank you to anyone who has visited this site and read the articles, including this one. Thank you to people who have shown interest in what we do, and have asked us questions. Thank you to people who have guided us along the way and given us major confidence boosts. Thank you to everyone who has liked us on Facebook, followed us on twitter, subscribed to us on YouTube. Anything; we are extremely grateful! 

A great thing we have done this year is write for HAUNTED magazine. As the issues went on, people came and went, but we stayed to write about our investigations. We cannot thank Paul enough for keeping us in his magazine for a year! We'd also like to thank Paul for all his advice he gave us this year. 

Another great thing we did was do a radio interview with Newport City Radio's The Mainstream Mix Up. Whether you listened or not, it was great for us to experience! We always wanted to do a radio interview about our series, and now we finally have. It was great to have people asking us about what we do. We felt like we were really getting somewhere. 

We have also finished Series 1! We finished it late 2011, and uploaded the final part only yesterday which you can check out on our YouTube. We started it in May 2010, and uploaded our first episode on the 9th August. We finally finished the series a year and a half later. It feels amazing to have finished a series, but not sad. We have already started planning Series 2, and we hope it will be bigger and better than series 1! It will be here before you know it, don't be too sad ;)

2011 has actually been amazing for the two of us. We've made friends and we've made progress. With 2012 only a day away, we hope it will be the same for us, maybe slightly better. We will be launching 'Jack and Laura: The Magazine' this year, as well as a few other projects. We'll be hoping to get Series 2 ready, too! 

We hope you have an amazing New Year, and we hope you stay with us on our journey! 

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